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They Built A Fireplace Into Their Sloping Hillside – The Results Were and Are Stunning

They Built A Fireplace Into Their Sloping Hillside – The Results Were and Are Stunning

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Adding a fire pit can create a stunning atmosphere in your backyard. Though there are many different methods to this madness, it is still possible to have a truly beautiful addition to make everyone jealous of your skills.

Location or terrain can at times cause issues in design and installation. For example, slopes and hillsides can make seating around a fire pit difficult.

This imgur user irytek102 built a beautiful fire pit right into their hillside. An impressive project would make any family the envy of their entire neighborhood… the results were just absolutely stunning.

The fire pit in a slope project began and they soon discovered that not only did the area need reinforcement but the overall “project” needed to expand. The hill held lots of water making the area very wet. So the “wall” needed drainage.

The first course of stone laid out and set in mortar. You can use a flagstone, pea gravel, paver stones or anything that you got right there.

Once several courses of stone were in place the area behind was filled with concrete for reinforcement.

They soon realized the bench alone would not hold the hill, so the bench got some back support!

With back support in it’s now time to begin gluing the sandstone to the back.

It took a long time but the sandstone looks great!

Here’s the bench with seating completed.

With the bench or seating area, done it’s time to start of the floor and garden fire pit area.

They have designed the patio area, added the concrete pavers and retaining wall.

All done… tiki torches out, firewood cut, cushioned seats around the firepit and ready to party.

Check out the the full image gallery to see more, how they did it and what it looks like completed! You can also check our site for tips about DIY fire pit. via imgur

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