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Oleander Plant Care: Tips For Growing Oleander Bushes and Trees

The Oleander plant (Nerium oleander) is an ornamental shrub with attractive characteristics from flower to stems. The plant is an erect evergreen shrub, also known as adelfa plants, with lovely flower clusters of pink flowers. Each flower has 5 spreading petals.The flower clusters are supported by the plant’s slender stems.
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House Plants

Did You Know Indoor Plants Are A Stress Buster?

With the holiday season approaching, one will undoubtedly experience an increase in stress. There is good news, though. Something as simple as an indoor plant reduce this stress.Research has proven that simply being able to look at greenery will bring down stress levels… so really you can have them year round.
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Water Feature

20 Unique Ideas For Outdoor Water Features

Adding outdoor water features to your backyard space is a great way to introduce beauty and tranquility. The sound of water brings a calming sense to a landscape garden.This post contains 20 pictures of ways water can be used for decoration outside of the house. Several of the designs may look familiar as they have been featured on the TV show ‘Yard Crashers.
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Viscaria Flower Care Tips

The flowering Silene Viscaria sy-LEE-nee, vis-KAR-ee-uh is an upright perennial with rosy-pink blooms. Perennials are those flowers that come back every year.It’s found in a variety of areas throughout Asia and Europe.Silene viscaria often grows wildly in sandy meadows, rocky cliffs, ridges, and roadsides.
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Growing Daylilies For Midseason Color

Daylilies (hemerocallis) are summertime standouts in any garden – more on daylily care here.If you still think of daylilies as dull bronze or slim-petaled yellow flowers, there is a treat in store for you.Wide Range of Colors & Flower FormsModern hybrid daylilies come in a wide color range – pale cream, melon, pink, yellow, orange, red and near purple.
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8 Problem Causing Mistakes Tomato Plant Growers Make!

There is nothing better than having fresh, homegrown tomatoes any time of the year. You just cannot replace the flavor of fresh tomatoes with store-bought varieties. It all starts with the proper tomato plant care.Some people find it very easy to grow tomatoes in their garden. They always have healthy and fresh tomatoes, but not all of us have the right information or talent to do so.
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